14 Day Rapid Results Program

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Your 14 Day Blue Print For The Body You Deserve This Summer

Make this YOUR Summer !  Join us for  to drop inches off your waist and  feel amazing in your own clothes that FIT... without  radical diets, hunger, hours of cardio or stressful guesswork 

" I had my doubts when I began the 14 day rapid results program, however I have become a true believer in the program.

 In 2 weeks, I have already begun seeing result, both physically and mentally. I feel better, make healthier food choices (most of the time), and am excited for every workout. I thoroughly enjoy the group setting and I appreciate the opportunity to develop new friendships with the other group members!
 "Caren, P 

Do you want to make THIS the year you FINALLY achieve the results you deserve? 

We have your STEP-BY-STEP, 14 -Day Blueprint to help you  jump start your fat loss,  tone your butt, thighs and trouble areas,  look AMAZING and finally feel CONFIDENT .

We understand your life is busy - getting the body you want should NOT be stressful

Here Are Results Of People Just Like YOU :

  1.  Decide That These Amazing Results are worth $97 

  2. Choose the location you’d like to attend , Downtown St Petersburg or Tierra Verde   

  3.  Apply To See If You Qualify  

  4.  If accepted, Workout 2- 3 days a week at our fun filled fat burning boot camps and follow our tasty, done for you food plans 

  5. Gain the knowledge and develop the habits to ensure you maintain your results FOR LIFE !  

  6.  Follow our science base, results driven programs and watch your body change in 2 short weeks! -



  •  Increased strength, Energy, and stamina
  •  Lose Carb and sugar cravings 
  • Lose the uncomfortable “bloated “feeling
  •  Learn my secrets to a faster metabolism to burn more fat all day
  • Tighter, flatter abs and a smaller waist
  •  3-10 pounds of weight loss
  • Look and feel ten years younger
  •  Greater confidence and self-estee Eliminate stress, tension and anxiety

"I have lost a total of 10.75” and 7 pounds in 7 weeks including 3” off my hips, 1” off of my thigh, 1.75 off of my waist 1.25 off of my abdomen. The best Part is that for the first time in my life, I don’t feel addicted to food and I haven’t had to starve or deprive myself to get these great results.

My understanding of nutrition now allows me to “Eat Smart Not Less”. I am making better choices from menus whether at home or Dianne out. I am also quite impressed with the results of “effective resistance training” I am finally doing exercises where I can feel the specific muscles being worked!!  "  Roseanne H 

"I've dropped 10 lbs since starting 3 weeks ago and 15 total. It hasn't been really hard... just preparation! Eating delicious food! Training 3 days a week. Feeling younger and and I have more energy! So glad signed up for this camp! Dianne is great! " - Pattie A, Tierra Verde, Fl

"When your previously tight pants need to be hiked up all day long... You know you're on Fitness St Pete plan!" Amber H, Vt. 

Here’s How the 14 Day Rapid Results Program works:

" As a 10X full Ironman finisher, I foolishly came in thinking it would be easy given my background and boy was I wrong. Every time you think you’re getting the hang of it Dianne adds an extra twist to increase the difficulty . I lost 10 lbs and my strength increased. " Tony S , St Pete. Fl


WHERE: Upham Beach

WHEN:   W/Fri 700A (4 Spots  )

WHERE: NorthShore      (Sat Camp is at 0800 )

WHEN:  Tue/Thurs/Sa  645A (2 Spot )

                   Tue /Thurs/ Sa    645 P   (4  Spot )


WHERE: Tierra Verde Recreation Complex

WHEN:  M/W/F 830A  (1 spot )

WHERE: Lazarillo Park, St Pete Beach

WHEN     M/Thrs 630P (2 spots )     

"I joined because I was fed up with the ups and downs of extreme dieting. I was scared because I was not sure I could handle the workouts. I lost 6" and 4 lbs during the Holidays !

 I was used to starving myself to lose weight, so at first the meal plan felt like I was cheating. But it is so doable and realistic way to live. It is not a diet… is a meal plan for life!


I have more endurance and I am starting to be able to push my workouts to the next level.  Plus, I enjoy it! " Heather S , 


  • Programs Designed by a fit pro with 20  years experience transforming over 2000 bodies ($250 value) 

  •  Success Session with Fitness Evaluation, Functional Movement Screen  ($450 value)  

  • Limited Camp Sizes to ensure you get the attention and results you deserve 

  • Members-Only Private Facebook Group – build relationships and lifelong friendships with others working towards similar go 

  • 2 Weeks of Incredible (Dietitian Approved) Meal Plans ($297 Value)

  • The Ultimate Fat Blasting Cook Book ($17 Value) 

  •  Complete Getting Started Guide & Success Manual ($47 Value) 

  • How To Fix Your fat Kitchen ($27 Value) 

  • 7 Day Fat Loss Blue Print ( ($17 Value) 

  • Special Report: 22 Big Fat Lies Keeping You From The Body You Want ($17)
  • 4 or 6 Group Personal Training sessions at one of 6 camps in 3 Great Locations ($ 100 - 125 Value)